Fast, easy, screen recording - with audio!

Record your screen with one click. No downloads or installations needed.

Screen recording demos made easy!

RecordJoy is the simplest way to record your screen and share it with a link.

  • Simple

    You can start recording your screen with a click of a button on our website. No Chrome extensions or downloads are needed.

  • Add Audio

    Record yourself talking while you explain!

  • Embed Your Webcam

    Embed your webcam in the corner so you can record your face while you present.

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Hey class, here's a video of the instructions to this week's computer science assignment

Use the password RECORD to view the recording.
Here's my solution!
support person
Just watched it, great solution!

How it works

Recording is as simple as clicking a button.

  • Start recording in your browser

    Just one click to start recording. Add audio or embed your webcam if you want!

  • Share your recordings with a link

    Download your recording, or generate a share link so others can watch it!

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