How to Make a Video Into a Link: Step-by-Step Guide & Free Option
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Are you wondering how to turn a video file into a shareable link?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to convert a video into a link in just a few minutes.

Following the instructions provided in this article, you can share your video across different social media platforms, embed it on a website, or send it via email. You will also learn how to use free tools to create a link for your video.

So, let’s begin transforming your video into a shareable link.

What is the Meaning of “Turn a Video Into a Link”?

When someone says, “turn a video into a link,” they refer to generating a web link that directs you to a video you can watch online in your browser. The generated link can then be shared with other people for personal or professional reasons. Anyone who clicks on the shareable link can view the video immediately.

Creating a link for a video rather than sending the file as an attachment is way more convenient and efficient.

Instead of sending a large video file via email or messaging, a link can be shared with the other party instead. The viewer only has to click on the link and watch it directly from their browser without downloading the video. This is particularly useful for videos that are too large to be sent through traditional means or for videos that need to be kept private only for a specific group of people.

Why Create a Video Link?

To create a link for a video is a prevalent method that serves various purposes.

Here are a few reasons someone might opt to turn a video into a link:

Sharing Video URL

One of the most common reasons for crafting a video link is distributing it among others.

The video can be shared effortlessly via social media platforms for marketing purposes, email for professional needs, or messaging for personal needs by just creating a link.

This eliminates the need to send large video files, which can be time-consuming and may not be supported by certain email providers and messaging apps or takes forever to download.

Embedding Video to Landing Page

Landing Page Including an Embedded Video

Another reason for crafting a video link is to embed it on a website or blog.

Using video links enables you to embed it directly into the website without uploading the video file to the website’s server, which could take up space in your CMS and even slow down the web page you included the video in. This can save space and bandwidth, especially for websites with limited resources.

Privacy of Shared Video Links

To create a link for a video can also be beneficial for preserving privacy. Sharing a link instead of the video file can be kept private and accessible only to those with the link. This can be useful for videos that are intended for a specific audience or are confidential.

RecordJoy cares about your privacy; that’s why it has a password-protected feature for shareable video links, so no one can track videos you send to someone.

Video Analytics

Turning a video into a link enables the creator to track the video’s number of views, clicks, and engagement.

Laptop Showing Website Analytics

Additionally, platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia provide detailed insights into how the video performs and how it can be optimized so you can increase your subscribers and gain more revenue.

SEO Benefits of Videos

Crafting a video link also helps boost the organic traffic of your website. Search engines like Google can index videos and display them for relevant queries. This can increase the visibility of the website and generate more traffic.

Crafting a video URL offers convenience, privacy, analytics opportunities, and SEO benefits. It enables easy sharing and embedding of the video and allows for better tracking and analysis of its performance.

How to Turn Videos Into Links

When it comes to video sharing, one of the most efficient ways to do so is by turning the video into a URL link. There are several ways to turn a video into a link, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, which we will cover in the following sections.

Use a Link Generation App

One popular and convenient method to turn videos into links is to use link-generating software, such as RecordJoy. You can start screen recording videos in seconds and right away create a link for the video content and share it with your viewers.

Generate Link for Sharing Your Screen Recorded Video

Services similar to RecordJoy allow you to take video content, turn it into URL links, and share videos with your viewer.

Upload a Video File to a Video Hosting Platform

Another option is uploading your video to a hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Once you host videos on a public platform, you can copy the video’s URL and share it with others.

Youtube Video Hosting Platform Opened on a Computer Browser

This is an excellent option if you want to share your video on a public platform where it can be easily discovered by others and shared with your followers. Hosting platforms also allow you to benefit from the platform’s audience and analytics.

Embed Your Video to a Web Page

Embedding videos directly on your website or landing page is a convenient way to generate shareable links that are specific to that video. This makes it easy for others to access and watch the video.

Embedding videos to your website or landing page has several benefits, including keeping the videos on your website and having complete control over them. This eliminates the need to host your videos on other platforms, saving space and bandwidth.

Additionally, it allows you to control the video’s appearance, such as size, adding video thumbnails, and using the same video across multiple pages of your website.

Another advantage is tracking the video’s performance, such as views and engagement. Many website builders have built-in analytics that provide detailed information on the performance of your videos, which can be very useful for understanding how your videos are performing and how to improve your content.

Upload Videos to Social Media Platforms

Social Media Apps Showing on a Smartphone

Posting video links on social media platforms has become a widely used method for sharing videos with a large audience. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter provide easy-to-use video-uploading features, making sharing your videos with your followers and friends convenient using links.

When uploading a new video on social media, you can upload it directly from your device or share a link to a video already hosted on another platform. Once the video is uploaded, you can add a caption, hashtags, and location information to increase its visibility and make it more discoverable to a broader audience.

Additionally, many social media platforms allow you to share the video on your stories, which can further boost its visibility.

Upload Videos to Cloud Storage Services

Cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are convenient methods of creating shareable links after you upload your video. These services provide an easy way to store and access your videos from anywhere, and generating shareable links is straightforward.

When uploading videos to cloud storage services, you can upload your video directly to the service or synchronize it with a folder on your computer. Once the video is uploaded, generating a shareable link is as simple as right-clicking on the video and selecting the option to share the link. This will create a unique URL you can share with others, providing them access to the video.

One of the benefits of using cloud storage services to generate shareable links is that you have complete control over the level of access to the video.

For instance, you can make the video public, so anyone with the link can access it or restrict access to specific people. 

Furthermore, you can set an expiration date for the link, so it will no longer be accessible after a particular date.

Why Turn Videos Into Links Using RecordJoy for Free?

There are several vital reasons to turn videos into shareable links using our screen recorder app.

RecordJoy Screen Recording-Dashboard

Fast Way to Uploading Videos

Video hosting platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo take quite some time to upload your recorded video to their platforms.

With RecordJoy the upload process is way faster, offering you a more convenient way to share links.

Video Privacy

Social media platforms offer you the ability to upload your video, but despite the long time it takes to upload, there is little to no privacy. 

This is where RecordJoy excels again. After you have generated the shareable link for a video, you can assign a password so only specific people can access it.

The password protection feature increases the privacy of your videos.

Video Editing

Another essential feature that RecordJoy has is editing videos. You can add text, images, colors, logos, and more to create engaging video content without downloading software or browser extensions.

High-Quality Videos

Sending videos the traditional way through email or messaging will compress your file, resulting in a loss of video resolution.

Using our app, you can record videos in HD, and the quality won’t be compromised when you create the sharing link.

Have a go yourself, and get surprised by our app’s simplicity and features.