How to Make a Video with Google Slides
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Google Slides Presentation is a free, web-based application that enables you to create, edit, and share presentations. This application is part of Google Drive, allowing you to make presentations to present and share with your colleagues or clients.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a video from a Google Slides Presentation and how to add voice narration to it.

What is Google Slides Presentation?

Google Slides Presentation is a cloud-based service created by Google. It is a web-based software that allows you to create, edit, and store your presentations on the cloud. You can use Google Slides to make presentations that include text, images, and videos.

It also has features to add animations, transitions, and speaker notes to your slides. With Google Slides, you can either create a new presentation from scratch or use a pre-existing template.

How is Google Slides Presentation Used

Google Slides Presentation is used for a variety of reasons. You can use it to create business presentations, educational materials, and even personal projects.

It is an overall presentation tool with various features that help you create and design visually appealing and informative presentations.

How to Create Google Slides Presentations

Creating a Google Slides Presentation is simple. First, open your Google Drive account and click on the “+New” button. 

From the dropdown menu, select “Google Slides.” This will open a new slide deck where you can start creating your presentation. 

You can add slides by clicking on the “plus” sign next to the slide panel on the right side of your screen.

How to Add Images and Videos to Google Slides Presentation

To add images and videos to your Google Slides Presentation, click the “Insert” option on the toolbar. You can then insert an image or video from your computer, Google Drive, or the web. Once you have added your image or video, you can adjust its size and position on the slide by dragging its corners.

How to Convert Google Slides to Video Using PowerPoint?

If you want to convert your Google Slides Presentation to a video, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to achieve that. 

Here are the steps to converting your presentation to a video using PowerPoint:

  1. After you have finished your presentation go to File – Download – Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. When your file is downloaded in your computer open it up, and go to File – Export – Create a Video.

The process is pretty straightforward. However, if you are on the mac and don’t have Microsoft Powerpoint installed then consider using a free online screen recrdoing tool, so you don’t have to download any software at all. 

What to Consider When Converting Google Slides to PowerPoint?

Before starting the conversion process, you need to consider the aspect ratio and the file format of your presentation. The aspect ratio is the size of the slide, and it is essential to preserve it when converting to a video. 

The file format should also be compatible with PowerPoint, such as a PPTX file.

How to Make a Video with Google Slides Using RecordJoy?

RecordJoy is a free online screen recording app that allows you to record your Google Slides Presentation and save it as a video. 

What is RecordJoy Screen Recorder?

RecordJoy is a screen recording application that you can use to record your screen with audio. You can record video meetings, presentations, tutorials, task updates in your workplace – you name it.

It is easy to use and saves your videos in Full HD quality. The quality of the videos won’t get compressed since all of the videos you record can be turned into shareable links without having to download them if you don’t want to.

This is quite handy if you plan on showing or presenting your Google Slides to someone specific or a group of people. 

What to Do Before Recording Slides on Google Slides Using RecordJoy Screen Recorder?

Before recording your Google Slides Presentation using RecordJoy, you need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection, the right microphone, and the necessary recording settings.

Check your audio and video settings to ensure everything works correctly before clicking on “Start screen recording” and get started with your video. 

What are the Steps in Converting Google Slides to Video using RecordJoy Screen Recorder?

To convert your Google Slides to a video using RecordJoy Screen Recorder, begin by opening in your browser.

Prior to starting your screen recording adjust your recording settings based on if you want to show your face throughout the video.

Open your Google Slides Presentation and start the screen recording option in RecordJoy.

Once you’re done click on done, and preview your video if your satisfied with it. 

RecordJoy also offers great editing features if you need to cut out, annotate something throughout the video and more. 

After you’re done editing, you can download your video on your computer or create a shareable link to share it with your desired audience. If you need to keep the video private, you also have the option to assign a password to it, so only those you share your password with can view it. 

How to Add Voice Narration to Google Slides Presentation?

To add voice narration to your Google Slides Presentation, you can use the built-in voice narration feature in Google Slides.

What are the Voice Narration Options in Google Slides Presentation?

The Voice Narration options in Google Slides Presentation include recording your voice, uploading a pre-recorded audio file, and adding audio from the Google Audio Library.

What are the Best Practices for Adding Voice Narration to Google Slides Presentation?

When adding voice narration to your Google Slides Presentation, it is essential to ensure that the audio quality is high, the pace of the narration is consistent, and that you speak clearly.

However, if you use RecordJoy for your Google Slide video, you can just talk over your presentation while screen recording, which is easier and more convenient.