Online Screen Recorder with Webcam
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Creating a recording of your screen is becoming more and more commonplace for showcasing your product, explaining bugs, etc. However, for many people nowadays, it is simply not enough to only record your screen. Recording your screen and webcam at the same time is a great way to add emotion to your videos, and make it easier to understand.

Common Use Cases for Adding your Webcam to Online Screen Recordings

RecordJoy is an online screen recorder that makes the process of adding your webcam to your videos dead simple. RecordJoy has been used to create thousands of videos, and is the most trusted free tool for users making a wide variety of videos – whether it is for:

  • Recording online lessons
  • Reproducing a bug in your software
  • Recording a product demo / pitch
  • Explaining your pricing packages
  • Showcasing product features,
  • Etc.

With just one click, you can choose to add webcam to your videos. Record yourself and your screen at the same time to add emotion to your video, better highlight certain parts of the video, make your video easier to understand, and increase conversions.

How to Add Webcam to Screen Recordings Using RecordJoy

RecordJoy, an online screen recorder, allows you add your webcam using either our browser based screen recorder, or chrome extension.

Using the chrome extension, however, will provide you with some extra editing/formatting options such as increasing or decreasing the size of your video thumbnail, moving your thumbnail to expose other parts of the video, and more!

In either case, just toggle on the “webcam” option before you hit record, and you’ll be all set!

Toggle on your webcam