Can You Screen Record On Youtube?
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There are several ways to screen record Youtube videos. We’ll cover some of the best and easiest ways to do that. There are also a few legal and technical considerations you need to bear in mind. 

Let’s start with how to make Youtube screen recordings on PC, Mac, and a great online option too.

How To Screen Record Youtube Videos

Sometimes you just want to grab a short piece of a Youtube video. Making a screen recording is the easiest way to do that. Here are some screen recording software options for different operating systems or devices.

Screen Record Youtube Online

The easiest way to record a youtube video is to use RecordJoy. Head to their website and sign up for a free account using your email address.

Before making your recording, you’ll need to configure some settings:

  • Microphone Audio – Enable this if you want to add commentary to the Youtube recording or leave it off if you just want the audio from the Youtube video.
  • Embedded webcam – Enable this if you want your webcam to be embedded in the corner of the screen recording. This is a great option if you add commentary to the Youtube recording and want the viewer to see your face while hearing your commentary. If you only want to record the video, then disable this option.
  • Webcam Only – Leave this setting off as you want to capture the Youtube video.
RecordJoy Screen Recording Dashboard

When you click “Start Screen Recording” you’ll be given the option to choose from a list of tabs or windows or to record the entire screen. The easiest is to select the “Entire Screen” option to record a Youtube video while playing it in full-screen mode.

Click “Share” and allow your camera and microphone access when prompted. You’ll see a countdown of 5 seconds, and then your recording will start.

Play your video in full-screen mode. Once you’ve reached the end of what you wanted to record, click “Stop Sharing” to end the recording.

You’ll now be presented with your video and some basic video trimming options. Change the start and end times of the video to coincide with the beginning and end of your full-screen playback of the Youtube video.

You can either click “Download” to save a copy of the recording locally or “Save and Generate Link” to save your screen recording videos to RecordJoy’s servers.

Save Your as Link for Sharing it Easier

Screen Record Youtube On PC

Windows 10 and 11 have a built-in screen recording option but limited functionality. The Xbox Game Bar comes standard with these versions of Windows. This tool is mainly intended to record gameplay, but it will also work to record a Youtube video.

Click on the video you want to record, then enable the Xbox Game Bar recording by pressing Windows Key + Alt + R. The most significant limitation of recording videos with this tool is that it can only record one window at a time and won’t allow you to record your desktop.

It also can’t record videos and your webcam at the same time. Using RecordJoy to record Youtube videos removes those limitations. As it’s an online application, it doesn’t require any software to be downloaded and will work on any version of Windows.

Screen Recording Youtube On Mac

If you’re using a Mac, there are two built-in options to record Youtube videos. You can either use the screenshot toolbar or the QuickTime player application.

Play the Youtube video in full-screen mode and pause it when you’d like your recording to start. Now open the screenshot toolbar by pressing Shift, Command, and the number 5 keys simultaneously.

Screen recording on mac

Click the “Record Entire Screen” option and then “Record”. Start the playback of the Youtube video and then stop the recording once you’ve captured the video content you want.

Open the Quicktime application and click File > New Screen Recording from the menu bar. Click the dropdown arrow next to the record button to enable or disable the microphone for the recording.

Click the record button and then click anywhere to record the entire screen. Play the Youtube video in full-screen mode and end the recording once you’re done.

These built-in options result in a video that must be trimmed so that your video only shows the Youtube content. You can use iMovie to do that.

Neither of the built-in Mac options gives you the option to record a Youtube video with your webcam embedded though. The additional program required to trim the video is also inconvenient.

If you want to record Youtube videos and want the option of simultaneously recording your webcam, then use RecordJoy. It’s online, so you don’t need to install an extra application.

The easy-to-use video trimming and sharing options and the cloud storage make it very convenient for screen recording Youtube videos.

Recording Youtube Videos – FAQ

Is It Legal To Screen Record Youtube Videos?

The legalities are a little fuzzy, but it depends on how you intend to use the recording. If you use the recorded Youtube video for your personal use, then it’s legal.

US copyright law covers Youtube videos, so you can’t upload your recording elsewhere. Youtube says that it’s against its terms of use to record or download its videos. However, simply being against their terms and conditions doesn’t make screen recording Youtube illegal.

Can You Screen Record Youtube On An iPhone?

Yes. On your iPhone, go to Settings – Control center and click the + button next to Screen Recording. Go to Control Center and tap the grey record button. After 3 seconds, it will start the screen recording.

Play the Youtube video in full-screen mode to record it. This works on iOS 11 and later.

Can You Make A Screen Recording On Youtube With Sound?

Yes. Use RecordJoy as described above, and ensure you have the volume turned up on the Youtube video you are recording. RecordJoy will capture the audio recording along with the video.

If you want to record Youtube videos, then RecordJoy is one of the most straightforward tools. Their free trial gives you access to all the features of the premium package and allows for up to 30 minutes of screen recording.