What is Screen Recording & Free Screen Recorder to Use
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Are you asking yourself: What is screen recording? In this post, we will explain what screen recording is, why people use screen recorders, standard features, the advantages and disadvantages of free vs. paid screen recorders, and how to get started with a free screen recorder. 

What is Screen Recording?

A person screen recording and talking through a microphone

In simple words, screen recording refers to creating a video recording of what is happening on your computer screen. This can be helpful for various purposes, including creating tutorials, recording presentations, capturing gameplay, recording videos of demo products, creating training, interview, and marketing videos. 

Screen recorders can capture your entire computer screen, one browser tab, or a different external monitor screen.

Free Screen Recorders: Advantages and Disadvantages

The usage of free screen recording software varies on a person’s needs. A free plan goes a long way for people who don’t need to screen record often. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both options:

Free Screen Recorder Advantages:

Free screen recorders have the basic functionality of recording your entire screen and face while being able to talk through the video.

  • In most free screen recorders editing tools are not available with the free plan, but that’s not the case with RecordJoy. RecordJoy includes editing and trimming in its free version, which is ideal if you need to edit your video before sending it to someone or publishing it online.
  • Another advantage is the simplicity of usage. Since you get basic features with the free screen recorder version, the process is more simplistic, so you don’t need professional skills to create video content.

Free Screen Recorder Disadvantages:

The disadvantages of screen capture software extend to advanced features for people that create video content more often.

  • A common disadvantage of free screen-capturing tools is the need for more editing options. A free plan isn’t your solution if you need to edit your videos.
  • Another con is the lack of recording settings. With free software, you won’t be able to record your screen for longer periods, thus hitting a low recording limit. If up to 30 minutes is all you need, then RecordJoy lets you record videos up to that limit free of charge.
  • With free versions of screen recorders, you won’t be able to white-label your videos nor add them to your subdomain to add that branding touch.
  • Additionally, with a free screen recorder, you won’t be able to embed your video into your website or any online application form. This a significant drawback if you want to present a new product to your audience or engage in video marketing.
  • Integrating your videos with webhooks also isn’t available with free versions of screen recording apps.
  • Some sharing options are also unavailable without a paid subscription.
  • Free versions of screen recording tools can compromise your video quality which can become a hassle if you need to record a tutorial video. The footage won’t be visible with a lower-quality video, thus frustrating the one who’s watching your video.

Paid Screen Recorders Advantages:

If your video screen capturing needs are more advanced, then paid screen recorders are what you need.

  • Using paid screen recorders, you have a lot of editing tools that enable you to edit your video, add sound to your recordings and images, capture screenshots, add text, and much more.
  • You can also use the longer screen recordings with a premium plan. This is especially handy if you record educational videos or do tutorials.
  • Sharing is also a great feature to take advantage of. We often create screen recordings to share with our team members, superiors, or employees. The great thing about turning videos into links is that they are not limited by device. You can send your recording, and anyone can watch it using a computer(without limitation on operating systems), mobile device(IOS or android), and tablet.
  • With a premium plan, you get better support so the team can give you feedback or help you integrate webhooks.
  • Higher-quality screen recordings are guaranteed with upgraded versions, so you don’t have to worry if the other party can digest the video in the best way possible.
  • You can embed your videos in your online website or any online form.
  • A paid screen recorder app lets you save, download and privately share your videos. Using RecordJoy, you can password-protect your videos so only specific people can watch them. This increases the security of your screen recordings.

Paid Screen Recorders Disadvantages:

While paid screen recorder tools give you the ultimate screen recording experience, a drawback can be utilizing all features.

  • With all the features offered, it’s hard to make use of all of them. However, there is typically more than one option for premium plans, making sure you maximize your budget for the features you need. You can check a comparison example of pricing options here

Common Features of Screen Recording Tools

RecordJoy Screen Recording Dashboard

When it comes to screen recording, various options are available. However, many of them share similar features designed to make the process as easy as possible, so you can focus on the content you want to capture.

Some of the most common features of screen recording tools are:

Record computer screen: One of the crucial aspects of online screen recording tools is the capacity to record video and audio from the computer screen, including the possibility to select a specific window or space of the screen.

This allows you to be more specific about what you want to record. The feature of recording only a specific part of your screen helps a lot when you have to read or follow points of the material you are presenting in the video. You could easily keep open your presentation notes and have them aligned side by side with what you are presenting at that moment.

Record audio: Another key feature is recording audio from your computer’s system audio or microphone. This allows you to add commentary or explanations to your recording or to capture audio from a video or online meeting that you’re recording.

Annotate video: Many online screen recording tools also include annotation options, like text, shapes, or arrows, that can be used to draw attention to specific parts of the recording. This is particularly useful for tutorials or how-to videos, allowing you to highlight important information for your audience.

Editing and trimming: Another common feature is editing and trimming the recording, providing the flexibility to remove any unwanted parts in the video or make specific parts of the recording stand out.

Sharing video: The majority of screen recording tools come with sharing options. You can generate a unique link and send it to the person you want to share your video with. Some of the tools also have the feature of making a video password-protected, adding extra security to your recorded content.

Exporting options: Screen recording tools include exporting options into today’s most used video file formats. This enables you to easily upload your screen-recorded video to any cloud storage or video hosting platform.

While some of the features differentiate from one screen recorder tool to another, the ones we mentioned above are some of the most common ones currently in the market.

The features of screen recording tools are heavily different based on whether the tool is free or paid.

Paid tools offer more advanced features to content creators.

The following sections cover the advantages and disadvantages of free and paid screen recording tools.

What is Screen Recording Software Used for?

One of the key advantages of screen recording software is the capability to simultaneously record audio and video, enabling users to narrate and explain their actions as they occur on the screen. This makes screen recorders valuable tools for creating instructional and educational videos and recording presentations and meetings.

1. Streaming Gameplay

One of the latest use cases of screen recording software is capturing gameplay.

A Person Streaming Gameplay While Screen Recording

Due to the growing market value of video games, expected to reach $200 billion in 2023, as reported by Juniper Research, online screen recorders have experienced a surge in usage worldwide.

A screen recording app is handy for creating and sharing gaming content on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Gamers can use this to share their skills and strategies with others and provide entertainment and commentary on their favorite games.

2. Create Employee Training Videos

Another use case for screen recorders is creating employee training videos.

Employee Watching a Training Online on His Computer

With the past year’s pandemic, many organizations have shifted to remote and online methods for training and onboarding. Utilizing online screen recording software allows you to produce multimedia training content that can be easily accessed and understood by employees.

One method of utilizing the screen recording software is to demonstrate specific tasks or procedures through a step-by-step walkthrough, including voiceover explanations. This allows employees to observe the process and watch it again if needed.

Another option it provides to organizations is to create video tutorials, which can effectively teach employees new skills or concepts.

3. Record Product Demos

Screen Recording of a Product

Creating product demonstrations using online screen recording software is an effective way to showcase your product to potential customers and give them a thorough understanding of its features and capabilities.

With online screen recording software, you can produce interactive multimedia demonstrations that your target audience can easily access and view.

One approach to utilizing the software is highlighting your product’s key features and abilities.

A use case can be, if you are introducing new software, you can use the screen recording software to demonstrate the software’s functions step by step, complemented by voiceover explanations. This allows potential customers to fully see how your product works and replay or review the video, if necessary, to understand its features thoroughly.

4. Explain Tasks for Your Team Members

If you are running an online business and all your employees work remotely, screen recorders help you a lot during your day-to-day tasks.

While meetings are necessary in this type of working setting, you don’t always have the time to hold or join them to assign and explain new tasks to employees.

That’s why screen recordings are a great way to walk your team members through a particular task.

The ability of screen recording apps to record your screen and, at the same time, provide clear instructions using audio is a productivity gem for any company.

5. Record Videos for Lead Generation

While many tools help you with your lead-generation process, screen recorders are still one of the most effective ways to get new customers.

According to Oberlo, 86% of video marketers have experienced an increase in getting customers through the power of video recordings.

You might be wondering why videos work so well for lead generation.

Well, put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Would you be more convinced if someone tried to sell you goods or services through an email or video recording?

Videos help connect the seller with the buyer visually and either create a sense of trustworthiness or not.

Additionally, computer screen video recordings help the seller walk the lead through problems and the solutions they can provide.

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