Best Way To Record Steam Games – Steam Screen Recording Made Easy
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Recording your Steam gameplay is a great way to show off your skills or make a game tutorial. RecordJoy makes it easy to make a Steam game recording and also gives you the option to have your webcam recorded simultaneously.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to start recording Steam games.

How To Record Steam Gameplay Online – Step-by-Step

RecordJoy is an online tool, so you don’t need to download anything. Simply head over to RecordJoy and sign up for an account using your email address.

Before recording, you need to adjust 3 settings. These give you the options to:

  • Record with your microphone audio on if you want to give commentary while gaming.
  • Enable the webcam to record your face and embed the floating webcam video in the corner of the screen.
  • Record the webcam only. If you’re recording Steam gameplay, you’ll need to leave this off.
RecordJoy Screen Recording Dashboard

Now click “Start Screen Recording”. You’ll see a list of options to either record a tab in a browser, an application window, or the entire screen.

Make sure you’ve got Steam running, and then click to choose the entire screen option to record and then click “Share”. Your recording will start after a 5-second countdown. 

If you haven’t signed up for a free trial yet, then you will only be able to record 3 minutes of gameplay. This will give you a good idea of how easy it is to make a Steam game recording with RecordJoy. 

If you sign up for the free trial, then you can record Steam gameplay for up to 30 minutes.

Click “Stop Recording” when you want to end the recording or keep recording until the time limit expires.

If you want to trim the recorded video, you can edit the start and end times. Then click “Save and Generate Link”. This will save your video to the cloud, where anyone with the link can watch your video. You can password-protect it to keep the video private.

Save Your as Link for Sharing it Easier

You can also download the video or the embed code to share it on your blog or social media. This is great for sharing your Steam recording on Facebook, Twitch, or Youtube.

Making Screenshots While Recording Steam Gameplay

RecordJoy is great for recording Steam gameplay videos. However, sometimes you just want to make a quick screenshot while recording Steam gameplay.

On PC, the easiest way to do this is to press the F12 button. That will take a screenshot of the entire screen and is easy enough to do without distracting you from your game.

On Windows 10 or 11, you can also press the Windows key and letter G to use the Game Bar to capture a screenshot.

On Mac, you can take a screenshot while you record gameplay on Steam by pressing Cmd-Shift-3 to capture a screenshot of the entire screen or simply pressing Fn+F12.

If you use the F12 button option, then Steam saves your screenshots for you. You can access them by using the Steam menu. 

Go to View and then Screenshots to see all your Steam screenshots.

Steam's screenshot feature

Instead of interrupting your gameplay to make a screenshot, you can also do it while replaying the recorded Steam game videos. Simply pause at the key frame and use the methods above to make a screenshot of the moment you’d like to capture.

Is RecordJoy The Best Option To Record Steam Games?

There are a few free options to record Steam games, but they’re not great. You could use the Windows Game Bar but it comes with the drawback of increased use of CPU that can often slow gameplay down.

On the other hand, the problem with any installed screen recorder is that it has to use your computer’s CPU, RAM, and video processing resources. To have a smooth gameplay experience on Steam, you want those resources directed exclusively to your game.

RecordJoy solves this problem. It’s an online application that runs in your browser. The CPU and video processing resources run in the cloud on the RecordJoy servers. That means that you get to keep more of your computer’s resources focused on making your Steam game run smoothly without lagging.

The 30-minute Steam video recording duration offered on the free trial option is sufficient for most game screen recordings.

It’s always great to have gamer commentary and to see their face and reactions while gaming. RecordJoy makes it easy to produce simultaneous Steam screen and webcam recordings.

The free screen recording options often add watermarks which can be annoying. RecordJoy allows you to export 720p HD video without any video watermarks.

RecordJoy runs completely online, so there’s no download required. It also doesn’t require any extra browser plugins.

Because it runs completely in a browser, it makes its operating system agnostic. This means you can make Steam screen recording videos on Windows, Mac, or even Linux.

Steam Games Recording – Record Gameplay FAQ

Does Steam Have A Built-in Screen Recorder?

No. Steam used to have a built-in screen recorder called Simple Video Recorder, but it’s no longer available. There’s talk of them bringing it back, but there’s no ETA yet. Even when they do offer it, it will use more of your computer’s precious resources.

The ease of use and online nature of RecordJoy still makes it your best Steam screen recorder option.

Can I Record Steam Gameplay Without Frame Loss?

It depends on the application you’re using to record gameplay. The resolution you record at and your computer’s resources will also have an effect. For a simple Steam recording at 720p RecordJoy gives you the best price/performance balance.

Will I Experience Lag While I Record Steam Games?

If you use an installed application that runs on your computer, then it will inevitably grab some computer resources like CPU and RAM. This could cause your Steam games to lag.

If you use RecordJoy to record gameplay, then you shift a lot of the resource requirements to the RecordJoy servers rather than your local machine. That will reduce the lag while recording your Steam gameplay.

How Can I Record The Last 30 Seconds On Steam?

Often it’s the last few seconds of Steam video games that have the most exciting action. Once you’ve made your game recording, simply edit the start time to 30 seconds before the end time and save the video.

How Do You Clip Something On Steam?

Sometimes you just want to record Steam gameplay for a few minutes or even seconds. While running Steam, open your browser and use the record function on RecordJoy. Once you’re done playing, you can replay your game video and then trim the start and end times to make a clip of the game action you want to save.

Where Can I Find My Steam Recordings?

Once you record Steam games on RecordJoy, they will save to their servers. On the RecordJoy menu, click “My Recordings” to see a list of your recordings. Here you can watch the video and copy the link or the embed code. You can share the video privately by adding a password.

Sharing your gaming expertise or flexing to your friends about your latest high score is great fun, and it doesn’t have to be hard to do. RecordJoy makes it extremely easy to record gameplay on Steam. Sign up for their free trial and make your first game recording today.