How To Record The Perfect Pitch Video
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Recording the perfect pitch video could make the difference between the success or failure of your new venture. It will take good planning and the right tools to produce a great video convincing your potential investors.

What’s A Pitch Video?

You’ve got a great idea for a new app, a product, or a service that you’re convinced will make you a bunch of money. But you’ll need to convince some investors, too, so that they’re willing to partner with you. 

Your pitch video is a short, to-the-point video showcasing your idea, why it’s so good, and what action you want potential partners to take once they’ve watched it. 

A screen recording is a great way to make a pitch video to demonstrate your proposed idea. You can record your screen and webcam at the same time so that you can maintain eye contact with your audience.

Here’s the easiest way to do it.

Record A Great Pitch Video Online With RecordJoy

RecordJoy is an online screen recording tool. There’s no downloading or installation of any software required. It works in your internet browser, so it also doesn’t matter what operating system you use.

Go to the RecordJoy website and sign up for the free trial. Once you’ve done that, you can start your first screen recording.

There are only 3 settings you’ll need to give attention to first. For your pitch video, enabling the microphone and webcam settings would be best and leaving the third webcam-only option disabled.

When you click to enable the webcam, you’ll also need to allow Recordjoy to use your camera when prompted.

RecordJoy Screen Recording Window

When you click on “Start Screen Recording,” you’ll be presented with options of what you’d like to record. 

You can record your entire screen, but if you want your audience to focus, it might be best rather just to record an application window or a specific tab in your browser.

Once you’ve chosen the screen area you want to record, click Share, and your screen recording will start after a 3-second countdown.

It’s showtime. Demonstrate your great idea and speak with conviction. The better prepared you are, the easier this will be. We’ll cover a few things later which will help you do that.

Once you’re done recording your video, click Stop Share or Stop Recording on the RecordJoy screen. You’ll be presented with a basic editing option where you can trim the start and end times of the video.

You can download the video, but saving it to the RecordJoy servers is even easier. That way, you can turn the video into a link and send the link to your viewers rather than a big video file. You can even password-protect it if you want it to restrict who can watch it.

The save and generate link video window in RecrodJoy's dashboard

What Should A Great Video Pitch Include?

You only have a few minutes to make a great impression in a pitch video. Before you hit the Record button, make sure you’ve gone through these steps first:

  1. Plan A Video Concept

Don’t try to record your pitch video on the fly. Create a storyboard, or video concept, first. Using a series of slides or screenshots can help construct a creative brief. This will help you get your ideas in order so your video flows well without awkward hesitating between clicks on your screen.

  1. Write A Script

Write a script of exactly what you’re going to say. Even the best actors in the movie industry learn their lines. Reading straight from your script while recording will help you avoid any word whiskers and make you sound much more confident. Just make sure it doesn’t sound like you’re reading it off. Practice until you sound conversational.

  1. Screen Area Selection

You want your audience to be laser-focused on your product or solution. If it isn’t necessary to see your desktop, don’t include it in your screen recording. Nobody needs to see many icons on your desktop or all those browser tabs you haven’t closed yet.

  1. Choose Your Background For Your Webcam

With RecordJoy, you can record your screen and webcam simultaneously. Your webcam video will be embedded in the top corner. It will be smaller than the rest of the screen, but you still want it to look good.

Make sure you have a neutral, plain background behind you. Avoid any clutter that could distract your audience from your presentation.

  1. Lighting

You don’t need professional lighting but make sure your face isn’t in shadow. A simple light ring and some good overhead lighting would work just fine. And make sure you don’t sit in front of a window so you’re not backlit.

  1. How do you introduce yourself in a video pitch?

Greet your audience and confidently tell them your name while speaking directly to the camera. They don’t need to know your life story, but you need to establish some credibility. Tell them briefly about your background or expertise related to the solution you’re presenting.

  1. Introduce Your Solution / Product

If you’ve got a great idea, you should be able to explain in two or three sentences how it solves a problem or makes the world better. You want to grab your viewer’s attention right from the very beginning. Be specific about how your solution’s features benefit your intended market.

Be enthusiastic but not overly dramatic. Try to engage the imagination of your audience as you get them to think about a world with your solution to making things better.

  1. Call To Action

Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do. If you’re looking for investors, tell them exactly how much you need and what kind of ROI you anticipate. Invite potential partners to contact you and thank your audience for their time.

How Long Should A Good Pitch Video Be?

A good pitch video should be around 2 to 3 minutes long so your target audience stays engaged. Most of that time should be used to explain how your solution fixes a problem and why people would be willing to pay for it.

You also need to allow enough time for your call to action to be persuasively conveyed to achieve your pitch’s goal.

How Do You Edit A Pitch Video Clip?

If you have planned your business pitch video well, you shouldn’t need to do much editing. RecordJoy allows you to trim the beginning and end times of the video. For more editing options, you can use a video editor like Windows Movie Maker if you’re using a PC or iMovie if you’re using a Mac.

What File Format Should You Use For A Pitch Video?

You want the widest audience possible to be able to watch your video. The MP4 file format is your best option. Most platforms will play it, and it renders a smaller video file size while retaining video quality.

If you save your video on the RecordJoy servers, you avoid this issue. Simply send the link to your audience and have them access it from their browser.