Watermarked Videos: Everything You Need to Know
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Watermarked Videos

Have you ever seen a video online and noticed a watermark in the corner? You may be wondering what that is and why it’s there. 

This blog post will explain what watermarks videos are, why they are used in videos, and how to add and record a video without a watermark for free.

What are Video Watermarks?

Video watermarks are digital signatures embedded into video frames. They are used to identify, protect and manage the intellectual property rights of digital media files. Video watermarking involves encoding a unique identifier, such as an organization’s logo or copyright information, into the video frames.

Watermarks can be visible or hidden. Cryptographic techniques generally ensure that they are difficult to remove or tamper. Watermarks can also be used to track the usage and distribution of digital content to prevent piracy and ensure that royalties are appropriately paid or given credit to the creators or owners of the content.

By identifying copyrighted media files, video watermarking can help protect against unauthorized redistribution and protect copyright holders from losing potential revenue.

Why Add Watermarks to Your Content?

Here are five reasons you should add watermarks to your content:

1. To Protect Your Intellectual Property: Adding a watermark to your content is a great way to protect yourself from copyright infringement and theft. Placing a visible watermark on your images and videos makes it much more difficult for someone else to use or alter them without permission.

2. To Promote Your Brand: Watermarks effectively promote your brand and help establish a unique visual identity for your content. They can be used as a form of advertising or marketing and help create a recognizable presence online.

3. To Discourage Unauthorized Usage: Watermarking is also helpful for discouraging people from using your content without permission. It’s an excellent reminder to viewers that the content is copyrighted and should not be used or reproduced without authorization.

4. To Combat Image Theft: Many websites are full of stolen images, so adding watermarks can help combat this issue. Making it obvious which images belong to you discourages people from using them, and this way, you won’t have to deal with copyright issues of your owned images.

5. To Add Professionalism: Watermarks help add professionalism to your content. They show that you are serious about what you’re doing and care about protecting your work from unauthorized usage. This can boost the credibility of your content and create an overall better impression.

Therefore, adding watermarks to your content can be a great way to protect yourself and promote your brand. It’s an effective tool that helps ensure your work remains unique and secure. You can choose from either an image watermark or a text watermark.

How to Record Video Watermark-Free

Recording a video without the software watermark is free and easy using RecordJoy. Here’s how:

  1. Go to RecordJoy, and click on start recording. You have options to record not only your screen but your face as well.
RecordJoy Screen Recording-Dashboard
  1. After toggling on the features and clicking on start screen recording, you will be shown a pop-up where you have to choose which window you want to share in your recording. It can also be your whole desktop or even a specific open tab. 
  2. After you’re done with your recording, click on stop recording. 
  3. You will now have your recorded video without a watermark at one of your video’s top or bottom corners.
  4. You can also edit your video, using the free features of RecordJoy.
  5. As a next step, you can make a video into a link, so you don’t have to download it and struggle to send it to the recipient due to its large file size. With RecordJoy’s capability of making links shareable, you can send your video to your target audience in a matter of minutes. 

Advantages of Watermark-Free Video Software

The utilization of watermark-free video software presents various benefits for both personal and professional purposes. 

From an individual standpoint, the absence of watermarks offers a more engaging and uninterrupted viewing experience, and reduces the danger of copyright infringement, granting users the freedom to create and share content with ease.

In a business setting, watermark-free video software elevates the production quality of videos, giving them a professional and polished appearance, and making them more appealing and effective in reaching the target audience. Furthermore, it provides the versatility to use videos in multiple scenarios, such as for presentations, marketing efforts, and educational purposes.

Moreover, watermark-free video software offers complete customization and branding options to match a company’s standards and guidelines, leading to increased brand recognition and impact.

Restricting Editing and Cropping of Watermarked Videos

If you need to restrict editing and cropping of watermarked videos, there are a few steps you can take. Let’s look at them in more detail:

1. Limit Access – To prevent people from unauthorized access to your watermarked videos, you can limit access to certain users or groups with specific permissions. This will help ensure that only authorized personnel can view, edit, and crop your videos. This is another feature that RecordJoy provides with its free screen recording tool. When creating a shareable link to your recorded video, you can make it password-protected, so a selected group of people can view it. 

2. Use Encryption – You can also use encryption to protect your videos from unwanted edits or crops. Encryption prevents unauthorized users from accessing the content and makes editing and cropping more difficult.

3. Monitor Activity – To ensure that your videos are not being edited or cropped without authorization, monitor the activity of users who have access to them. This will help you identify unauthorized changes and take appropriate measures to protect your video content.

These steps can help keep your watermarked videos safe from unwanted edits and crops.

RecordJoy – A Free Online Video Editor Solution

You can screen-record videos using your webcam or microphone and edit them easily with RecordJoy. In just a few clicks, you can customize the look of your next Youtube, Facebook, or TikTok video and add captions, voiceovers, transitions, and more.

With this free video editor, you can also trim clips to create a unique final product for sharing online. It makes it easy to create videos that stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a tutorial, a product review, or a webinar, you can have your video ready for viewing in minutes with RecordJoy’s intuitive tools and features.


Watermarking your videos is an effective way to protect your content and prevent unauthorized use. With the right video editing software, you can easily add watermarks to help secure your content and restrict the editing and cropping of watermarked videos by limiting access and encryption.